Phoebe Humphries

post-production runner & edit trainee

Phoebe Humphries - Showreel 2020/21

Winner @ Sweden Film Awards for Best Editing Short Documentary (2021)

Winner of the "BEST EDITING SHORT DOCUMENTARY": ‘The War Borns’ (dir. Logan Johnson, editor. Phoebe Humphries)

Selected @ Lift-Off Global Network (2021)

Two separate films I've worked on have been selected for the 2021 First-Time Filmmaker Sessions @ the Lift-Off Global Network! The War Borns (2020) & Ethical Sauce (2020).

Very exciting nominations, going against a worldwide selection of films, very honoured to be nominated!

Winner @ NAHMEI Encounters Film Festival (2020)

Winner of the "BEST UNDERGRADUATE FILM AWARD": ‘Ethical Sauce’ (dir. Pauline McGrath, editor. Phoebe Humphries) from the University of Westminster.

"A fun and unique film, showcasing the strengths of the filmmakers! Who wouldn't enjoy a werewolf meets a vegan love story?'

NAHEMI Kodak Commercials Awards (2021)

Currently finishing off post-production for a McVitie's Biscuit advert that I edited with The University of Westminster for the Kodak Commercial awards (2021).

A very fun, family-friendly advert which features a wonderful mime trying to win the attention of his daughter back. Sneak peek at the final commercial below!

McVitie's Photos by: Hester Yang (@_retseh)

© 2021 by Phoebe Humphries

Phoebe Humphries

edit trainee & freelance editor

Phoebe Humphries

A soon-to-be graduate student of the Film BA (Hons) at the University of Westminster, an officially ScreenSkills Approved course.

An 'Avid Media Composer Certified User' with strong conviction, the ability to learn new skills quickly and a personal focus on pivotal narrative stories.

A highly motivated, ambitious and knowledgeable individual with a new buzz around her work.

Ready to support post-production houses and independents, keeping a strong ethos for companies and clients alike.

© 2021 by Phoebe Humphries

Phoebe Humphries

edit trainee & freelance editor


© 2021 by Phoebe Humphries

Phoebe Humphries

edit trainee & freelance editor

There Are Snails In The Grass (2021) - Film Editor

Director: Louisa Karayiannis
Editor: Phoebe Humphries
NLE: Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve using a Proxy Workflow
Camera: Alexa Mini & Arri Alexa Classic

The War Borns (2020) - Film Editor

Director: Logan Johnson
Editor: Phoebe Humphries
NLE: Avid Media Composer & DaVinci Resolve, using a Proxy Workflow
Camera: Panasonic AG-CX350 (2K), 25 hours of footage.

Ethical Sauce (2020) - Film Editor

Director: Pauline McGrath
Producer: Clara Gienger
Editor: Phoebe Humphries
NLE: Avid Media Composer, Proxy Workflow (Remotely Edited) & DaVinci Resolve
Camera: Arri Alexa Classic

Staged (2019) - Film Editor

Director: Skye McDonald
Producer: Fred Qvortrup
Editor: Phoebe Humphries
NLE: Avid Media Composer, Film Scan (2K) & Adobe After Effects
Camera: Arri SR3

Sanctuary (2019) - Assistant Editor

Director: Christina Penteridou
Editor: Olivia Ayy
Edit Assistant: Phoebe Humphries
NLE: Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro & DaVinci Resolve
Proxy Workflow - 20 Hours Footage
Camera: Canon

Magpie Lane (2019) - Assistant Editor

Director: Andrei Mihalache
Editor: Marina Roshchina
Edit Assistant: Phoebe Humphries
NLE: Avid Media Composer, Online Workflow.
Camera: Canon

XX (2019) - Video Editor & Cinematographer

Director, Cinematography & Editing: Phoebe Humphries
Special Thanks to Harriet & Nicola
NLE: Adobe Premiere Pro, 10 hours footage, Online Workflow.

Beached (2018) Promotional Video - Additional Editor

Directed by: Graham Hughes
Edited by: Phoebe Humphries
Featuring: Emily Hasselgren
NLE: Adobe Premiere Pro

Phoebe Humphries

edit trainee & freelance editor


YearName of ProductionCompany
2021 (May)There Are Snails In The GrassGraduation Film (University of Westminster)
2021Breath HoldIndependent Film


YearName of ProductionDirectorRole
2021McVitie's Biscuits Commercial (student)Izi WellbandFilm editor
2020The War Borns (short documentary)Logan johnsonFilm editor
2020Ethical Sauce (Short Film) Pauline McGrathFilm Editor
2020Staged (Short Film)Skye McDonaldFilm Editor
2019Sanctuary (Short Documentary)Christina Penteridou1st Assistant Editor
2019Magpie Lane (Short Documentary)Andrei & Co1st Assistant Editor
2018Beached (Promotional Video)Graham HughesVideo Editor
2016 - 2017'XX' (Music Video)Phoebe HumphriesVideo Editor

work experience

20211 yearVideo Editor & RunnerSappho Film Festival
2018 - 2021continuousFreelance Editing 
20172 yearsHead of IT HelpdeskSalisbury Sixth Form College
2015.Funeral Directors AssistantDarren McDonald's Funeral Directors


2019 - 2021University of Westminster Film (BA)
2019 - 2020The official Avid training programCertified Avid Media Composer User